My name is Jo Noall and I have over my career studied dog and human behaviour with some of the industries leaders.
I have a vast array of different skills and techniques that allows me to assess and individualise the way we work with you and your dog.

I’ve always been fascinated by behaviour and the interaction between people and their animals. What creates that lifelong bond, how does our behaviour manifest itself in our dogs, what and how does a dog communicate with us are just some of the questions I have spent the last 20 years trying to understand.

Throughout my life I’ve rescued and rehabilitated many wonderful and unique animals from my beautiful Barn owl, Giant rabbits and of course my pack! And although each of my lovely’s are unique I have learned so many things about them and as important about myself along the way.

Emotional psychology has had an influence not only in my personal life but also my corporate career holding various roles within FTSE 100 companies. I have also have a psychology degree and coupled with a lifetime of studying a wide varity of dogs and various dog methodologies such as Amichien, Sirius etc alongside NLP, Cognitive behaviour and mindfulness.

It is the emotions behind the thought that gives it power so emotional stability is paramount to having a strong relationship with our four-legged friends. So, I work with both you and your dog to help you understand how your emotions, actions and behaviour affects your dog and how you can make the difference.

... emotional stability is paramount to having a strong relationship with our four-legged friends.

I have found through listening and helping clients that it wasn’t just enough to use traditional operant conditioning animal behaviour techniques and methodologies. We as humans struggle ourselves using these techniques just look at the health industry to see how that’s tried to leverage this methodology to make us believe it is the next all-encompassing solution to all our problems.

I decided that owners and dogs needed to both understand where and why the dog was behaving in a specific way and also how the owner’s behaviour affects the dog. Therefore, I decided to mix human psychology and coaching with different behaviour modifications specifically for my clients and their dogs. But in addition to put the main focus on building relationships not just about being in control dictating things to a dog that actually make no difference. But to simply help owners get to the root cause of why the dog is presenting these behaviours and how to work through them with love and patience as there is no quick fix.

Our pets mirror our emotions and behaviours. However, this isn’t a negative, as they’re making you more aware of your lifestyle impact, toxic environments, toxic relationships and giving you an opportunity for change.
Come to our lesson and have some real fun using these tools and techniques to strengthen your relationship.
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